Your Designated Export Place

Export in less time. Reduce transport costs. At Logisber, we can help you get your warehouse approved as a Designated Export Place (DEP) to boost your goods shipments by streamlining customs processes with greater agility and flexibility. With our network of DEP warehouses, we can help you manage partial and grouped goods receipts or meet your specific needs with integrated services.

Save time on your exportation procedures

Export your goods around the world without needing to transport it to the warehouses operated by each national customs authority and streamline your logistics processes.

Group, receive or consolidate your goods

Activate partial goods reception with a pending customs dispatch or destination, group or consolidate your shipments within the same DEP.

Centralize your DEP procedures

Get all partial or complete exportation logistics operations done at a single point and gain greater control over your customs declarations.

Reduce your customs logistics costs

By avoiding shipment to the corresponding customs office for each international exportation, you reduce the costs of logistics and handling and increase your efficiency.

Why choose a DEP?

A designated export place is the best way to keep your shipments in optimal conditions.

Local autorizado mercancías
Referentes en local autorizado mercancías exportación

Leaders in Designated Export Places

At Logisber, we’ve been helping companies lead the market for 15 years with optimization and guidance through all goods importation and exportation processes. If you need a Designated Export Place, we’re your best choice for enhanced transport processes and to connect points on the map quickly, intelligently and efficiently in the market.

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