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International transport
30 de March de 2020
International transport, key to a successful startup For a startup that starts selling abroad, it is essential to have good control of all international transport operations. The logistics services of collection, transport and delivery of the goods are the key Leer más
Pharmaceutical transport
30 de March de 2020
What does the transport of pharmaceutical products involve? Pharmaceutical transport is the most important part in a logistics chain because the products being transported are for human consumption. Therefore, it is necessary to have an exhaustive control of the whole Leer más
How to import
19 de March de 2020
Startups: why do they matter? Startups, being emerging and entrepreneurial companies that offer innovative products to the market, may have to import parts or components to manufacture them. It may also happen that the startup does not find what it Leer más
Importing medical products
19 de March de 2020
What are medical devices? Before importing medical products, it is necessary to know which types of products are classified as such. According to the Royal Decree 1591/2009, a medical device is any instrument, device, equipment, software, material or other article Leer más
16 de March de 2020
Update 30/03/2020: Annex 1 of the royal decree regulating recoverable paid leave includes in its point 23 as an essential service, among others “customs transit (forwarders)”, so Logisber Forwarding SL will remain fully operational in all its functions as a Leer más
11 de February de 2020
What does an Incoterms regulate? Incoterms are standards used in international sales. They are voluntary recommendations that can be applied by importers and exporters to define their obligations and responsibilities in an operation. In a sales contract, it is necessary Leer más
Air Cargo to Brazil
11 de February de 2020
What are the characteristics sector of the air cargo to Brazil In 2018, Brazil’s GDP grew by 1.3%, due to the good performance of its trade balance. Air freight to Brazil grew by 10.2% to reach US$ 239.9 billion, and Leer más
Maritime transport to Brazil
04 de February de 2020
What are the characteristics of maritime transport to Brazil? Brazil is the largest country in South America and has a coastline of about 8,500 kilometers, through which are distributed more than 40 commercial ports for maritime transport to Brazil of Leer más
How to export
04 de February de 2020
How can you export a startup? A startup is an emerging business that arises from a person or group of people who, like any other company, can export their innovative products. As it is a business initiative that usually develops Leer más
Incoterms 2010
04 de February de 2020
When were the 2010 Incoterms created? The origin of the current Incoterms 2010 dates back to 1936 when the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), based in Paris, published the first version of the Incoterms (INternational COmmercial TERMS). The intention of Leer más
pharmaceutical logistics
04 de February de 2020
What is pharmaceutical logistics? In general terms, pharmaceutical logistics is related to the handling, transport and chain management of multiple and varied products, the vast majority of which require specific conditions in their logistic treatment. As indicated by the Spanish Leer más
international freight forwarder
04 de February de 2020
International freight forwarder: Logisber, a renewed brand with an eye on the future As an international freight forwarder, Logisber has completely renewed its image by betting resolutely on the future based on efficiency, security and flexibility for goods. The history Leer más
Export to Brasil
04 de February de 2020
Export to Brazil, why is it an attractive market?   Brazil is a large market. Its 8.5 million square kilometers of surface and its more than 207 million inhabitants, 85% living in urban environments, make export to Brazil an opportunity Leer más