How to import products and goods from Latin America and the Caribbean?

When we live in Europe, Asia, Africa or Oceania and we need to import a product purchased in an online store, some doubts arise in relation to how the purchase will arrive to our city or if it will cross customs safely.

On the other hand, if instead of a single product purchased in an e-commerce that arrives from the store to the final customer, we refer to an import of large volume of goods, we must take into account all the logistical details for the transit operation to be a complete success.

From which Latin American countries can we import to the Oceanic, African, Asian or European continent? The answer is that from practically all of them, although in some might find customs or bureaucratic difficulties.

To import goods from the Caribbean, Central or South America it is important to rely on a logistics operator with extensive experience and first-hand knowledge of all aspects of shipping and receiving cargo.

Logisber works in Latin American countries helping companies and individuals to get their shipments successfully to most of the European Union, Australia, Africa and Asia countries. In this sense, several aspects must be taken into account:

  • Make sure that the cargo you wish to import complies with the legislation of the country to which you are exporting.
  • Be aware of the taxes to be paid at customs.
  • Present the necessary documentation to import the merchandise or products.

If you do not know this information and others, contact us now and we will help you import from any Latin American country.

Importing from Latin America to the United States and Canada

Keep in mind that a large number of imports from Latin America are made from North America. The commercial transit throughout the American continent is daily and is carried out by road, air and sea.

The import legislation in the United States and Canada is different from the European. Do you want to import goods and products from North America? Logisber can help you.