Logisber strengthens its international transport service between Spain and Morocco with NAVIROC

Two of the countries with the largest number of commercial operations between Europe and Africa are Morocco and Spain. Due to the proximity, freight forwarding operations through the Strait of Gibraltar and from the autonomous cities of Melilla and Ceuta, international transport in this region of the planet is very active.

In order to expand the transport of goods between the two nations, Logisber has reinforced its transport service with NAVIROC, a logistics company directed by Moanisse B. Bennasser, based in Casablanca, Morocco. NAVIROC has a young and dynamic team, with great experience and commitment plus very good knowledge of the market and commercial sectors.

This relationship began formally at the Logismed fair in Morocco, with the objective of increasing the activity between both companies on both sides of the Mediterranean Sea. Albert Rivero, Logisber’s Logistics Solutions Manager, is charge of leading this commercial collaboration that will boost exports and imports between Morocco and areas of the Iberian Peninsula such as Andalusia, Madrid, Catalonia, and Valencia.

Morocco has become an important commercial destination for more and more companies in Spain, and in the rest of Europe, due to the emerging markets of the North African country and the entire Maghreb region. The movement of goods and products in both directions is carried out by land, air, and sea transport according to the needs of each client and the specific characteristics of each shipment.

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It is necessary to consider the legislation of Morocco, Spain and the European Union, and to know the customs and tariffs procedures. In Logisber we have extensive experience in all the necessary steps to achieve effective freight forwarding operations. In addition, our services are fast, with high standards of quality and safety that provide an important guarantee for companies.

Do you need to import or export from Spain to Morocco or vice versa? Contact our team now and we will help you in the whole logistic chain.