Sea transport
International transport
30 de March de 2020
International transport, key to a successful startup For a startup that starts selling abroad, it is essential to have good control of all international transport operations. The logistics services of collection, transport and delivery of the goods are the key Leer más
Importing medical products
19 de March de 2020
What are medical devices? Before importing medical products, it is necessary to know which types of products are classified as such. According to the Royal Decree 1591/2009, a medical device is any instrument, device, equipment, software, material or other article Leer más
Maritime transport to Brazil
04 de February de 2020
What are the characteristics of maritime transport to Brazil? Brazil is the largest country in South America and has a coastline of about 8,500 kilometers, through which are distributed more than 40 commercial ports for maritime transport to Brazil of Leer más
Export to Brasil
04 de February de 2020
Export to Brazil, why is it an attractive market?   Brazil is a large market. Its 8.5 million square kilometers of surface and its more than 207 million inhabitants, 85% living in urban environments, make export to Brazil an opportunity Leer más