A sustainable logistics company for your business

Sustainability is not a trend. It’s a commitment to the planet and people. As a sustainable logistics company, Logisber can enhance international transport processes to be responsible with nature and reduce logistics contamination. We can introduce new green habits that connect your needs to new opportunities for the planet. Your decisions, our future. Join the change.

Logistics sustainability with each movement

We get the most out of resources and energy throughout the supply chain so each transport with us is a new sustainable opportunity for the world.

Reducing environmental damage during transport

At Logisber, we have infrastructures and processes that are respectful of the planet to provide efficient global transport that is optimized for your needs.

New business opportunities to grow

Being a sustainable logistics company brings benefits beyond the environment: We can help you identify new business opportunities to boost your innovation.

“We believe a greener world is possible. As a sustainable logistics company, we can optimize your routes with environmentally-friendly processes”

The future of a sustainable logistics company

At Logisber, we engage in sustainable R&D to transform companies into drivers of change for the planet. With a specialist carbon footprint calculator, we are constantly looking for new ways to transport goods with a low contamination impact. Green logistics to reduce costs and increase profits all while respecting the environment. It’s time to evolve into a sustainable logistics company.

Futuro de una empresa sostenible

An environmentally responsible commitment

The transition from a business to a sustainable logistics company requires an expert customs agent and leading logistics team in environmentally-friendly transport. At Logisber, we’ve been promoting technological innovation and Good Distribution Practices (GDP) to increase sustainable mobility around the world for more than 15 years. Minimize your waste generation and reduce contamination on the planet with us.

Reduce your environmental impact on the world

A company’s carbon footprint is the most accurate reflection of how contaminating it is. Having a low carbon footprint not only contributes to environmental wellbeing but also to the corporate reputation of your business. Find out what your CO2 emission are with this carbon footprint calculator and become a sustainable logistics company by reducing your contaminating emissions in the world.

Reduce el impacto medioambiental

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