Pharmaceuticals logistics on the move

The healthcare sector is more than just a sector. It’s the driving force behind innovation. In this context, pharmaceuticals logistics plays an essential role in looking beyond traditional markets and growing. This growth, however, comes with risks: the pressure of prices along with regional market regulation and expired patents make transport a key part of successful globalized supply in pharmaceuticals logistics.

End-to-end visibility

We design optimized pharmaceuticals supply chains with controlled temperatures and conditions to ensure the final quality of medicine and drug transport.

Good Distribution Practices (GPD)

We follow regulations that reduce the risk of damages in pharmaceuticals logistics as much as possible with World Health Organization and EU regulations, among others.

Safety validation and guarantees

As experts in pharmaceuticals logistics, we follow Good Distribution Practices (GPD) and offer comprehensive control and validation for the entire transport process from start to finish.

“We activate accredited pharmaceuticals logistics to offer technical solutions in drug and medicine transport with extreme and efficient control of the entire value chain”

Pharmaceuticals importation and exportation logistics

When transporting pharmaceuticals, the risk of damages and losses due to temperature deviations and impacts increases. We monitor all national and international regulations and standards to simplify your importation and exportation processes. We reduce the impacts on your pharmaceuticals logistics around the world with expert logistics auditing. Activate new opportunities for your products now.

Logística farmacéutica de importación y exportación
Logística farmacéutica de retos globales

Pharmaceuticals logistics for global challenges

At Logisber, we have a team of specialists in pharmaceuticals logistics with the experience and skills to recommend the best transport and services for your projects. Personalized customer service on an international scale to give you access to our logistics consulting and advise you on more efficient Good Distribution Practices (GDP) for your business. Your pharmaceuticals, further.

Protection in pharmaceuticals logistics

We offer a complete range of reception, handling, packing and control solutions actively and passively to ensure an efficient and personalized service level based on your needs. We consolidate cargo solutions by getting the most out of available resources to reduce costs in pharmaceuticals logistics without forgetting Good Distribution Practices (GDP) for the utmost quality and confidence.

Protección de logística farmacéutica

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