Enhance your food transport

A market that never stops growing. An ever more competitive sector. Food transport is a key logistics type for thousands of companies yet the demands for product care and cold storage at controlled temperatures requires an expert service to guarantee the goods reach their destination with optimal conditions, quality and safety. At Logisber, we optimize the process to make it possible.

Traceability throughout the entire logistics chain

We offer export support for all types of food companies in their trade, importation and exportation logistics processes from production to the final destination.

Food protection and safety

We maintain the optimal state and conditions for each product by activating the right food transport for each type of goods, situation and logistics services required.

Cold international transport

We import and export perishable foods with cold storage food transport at controlled temperatures to comply with quality health registration requirements.

“We design logistics chains for international food transport that meet the highest guarantee and control standards with controlled temperature cold storage”

Importation and exportation food transport

At Logisber, we periodically update the technical/sanitary regulations for food transport to ensure your food imports and exports meet the highest quality standards for successful shipments of perishable products. Irrespective of the food or beverage you wish to trade, we offer personalized services in accordance with your needs to go even further.

Transporte alimentos importación y exportación

Specialized food and beverage transport

Each product requires special conditions for food transport: Cold storage at controlled temperature according to the conservation needs, optimal packaging, specialized handling to ensure quality, flexible storage based on the temperature, humidity and light… There are many factors that have an impact on safe food transport. Choose a guarantee for your business with trustworthy services.

Know your options

Safety in food transport

When it comes to food and beverage transport, you need specialized customs and freight forwarding advising to guide you on the choice of the adequate shipping for your products and beverages. We connect all the dots on the map with personalized freight forwarding for your needs with a broad offer of logistics services featuring the ATP seal of trust. Whatever the distance, we ensure your goods are safe with an expert process.

Seguridad en el transporte de alimentos

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