Safety in machinery transport

Whether you need to import or export machinery on a local or international level, Logisber has the adequate transport units to make your shipments safe. We’re experts on all types of machinery transport: heavy, oversized cargo, special cargo units. Send your machinery with us and stop worrying about the process and logistics control with the highest trust.

Heavy machinery transport

We choose the most appropriate option for your project cargo based on your machinery, transit time and destination. We connect the dots on the map with agility and efficiency

Oversized machinery transport

Do you need machinery handling and transport for oversized cargo? We set up the best safety and special transport measures for your projects.

Containers adapted to your machinery

Each machinery transport is different. At Logisber, we enhance your shipments with personalized containers that are appropriate for the characteristics of your goods.

“We implement safe operations with each type of machinery transport mode or project cargo with flexible expert teams based on the type of container needed”

Extensive experience in machinery transport

We analyse the type of machinery, weight, dimensions and the way to ensure your cargo is sent following the stipulated regulations with complete protection. With more than 15 years of experience with project cargo, we can activate personalized logistics services to transport industrial, agricultural or construction machinery, among others. Tell us what goods you need to transport and we’ll take care of the rest.

Transporte maquinaria grua
Transporte maquinaria internacional

International machinery transport

We can optimize your machinery transport process so you can reduce costs and shipping times with the best customs and logistics solutions. Agricultural machinery, cranes, industrial vehicles, construction and mining machinery… We work in all areas and with all types of transport through our international network of offices and agents. Machinery transport that brings out the value in your business with each step.

Speed in machinery transport

We establish indicators for ongoing improvement and tracking to enhance your machinery transport throughout the logistics process. Track your shipments wherever you are with advice from our best experts and complete supervision of regulations, customs formalities and imports and exports. A global network of professionals that adapt to your needs to expand your presence around the world.

Rapidez en el transporte de maquinaria

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