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We are experts in bringing the chemical and pharmaceutical companies close to their worldwide markets. We create value, reduce risks and we optimise the transport of goods requiring special treatment: medicines, active ingredients, cosmetics…

Speed and suitability

We design, verify and adopt the best route.

Rigorous design and tracking

We provide you with all the information regarding the control and status of your delivery.

Certified and audited by official organizations

We comply with all the necessary regulations.

“We are specialists: we rely on a professional team offering technical solutions appropriate to the pharmaceutical and chemical supply chains and we are committed to the needs of our client.”

Assurance that save lives

Delivery of Paracetamol from China to Barcelona

An important pharmaceutical laboratory entrusted us with the transport of Paracetamol from the factory in Central China to its base in Barcelona. We accomplished the delivery fulfilling the requirements of the GDP code, thanks to our management system which is fully compliant with the GDP code. The delivery was temperature-controlled from the time of loading to the time of delivery.  At all times the client was able to see online that the product was in perfect condition and it had not lost any of its properties.