The importance of size and reach in transportation

Joining two points on a map.  Connecting two companies.  Creating value by bringing companies closer. Logisber’s commitment, the inspiration of all our activities since 2006: to ensure international transport for the real economy.  To achieve this we design, manage and control shipments, regardless of size, all around the world.

Order Management

We control the route and we provide updated inventory information.

Systems integration

We connect your systems, increasing your productivity.

Certifications consultancy

Maximum assurance in management and profitability.


Triangular operations

Bridging the gap: we optimise freight transport between companies located in different countries.  We strengthen the relationships between final client, provider and distributor.  We facilitate and perform impeccable operations.

Maritime transport

Perfect co-ordination: we make sure that the goods reach their destination at the time and in the condition requested whatever the demands of the specific delivery.  We offer an integral service enabling all cargo to reach its destination, wherever that may be.

Air Transport

Speed and agility: we are able to offer our clients the best routes thanks to our expertise, experience and licences.  We streamline the required processes to guarantee the necessary space in the air and on the ground, thus ensuring on-time deliveries.

Warehousing and distribution

Intelligent custody: we provide storage and distribution for every type of merchandise: textiles, machinery, medical products, food, etc; always in excellent conditions, be they dry or cold goods.  Added-value services appropriate to the demands of each product.

Customs Brokerage

Customs Clearance simplified management: we minimise customs processes and we mitigate their complexity.  We anticipate the information required for customs clearance based on the selected transport route.