Enjoy successful customs warehousing

If you need to save costs on the time your goods are kept at port. If you want more flexibility with each transport. If you’re looking for more secure goods protection and maintenance at customs. At Logisber, we offer customs warehousing that adapts to your needs and, if you want to become a customs warehouse, we can help you fulfill the regulations.

Store your goods securely at customs

Save and pay duties in a smarter way at our facilities or achieve your customs warehousing with greater flexibility on all your logistics procedures.

Boost the value of your goods and freight forwarding

Handle your goods, make sales during warehousing, temporary removals or reconvert your shipments by increasing their value at a single processing point.

Monitor the customs inventory management system

Analyze and evaluate your shipments or handling procedures and manage them easily and quickly while your goods are being stored at a customs warehouse.

Receive expert guidance throughout the entire process

With immense responsibility and exhaustiveness, Logisber can accompany you and advise you on the best type of customs warehousing for your goods.

What type of customs warehouse do you need?

Find out what your personalized choices are for managing your transport and customs services based on your needs or create your own customs warehousing system.

Servicio depósito aduanero
Stock y competitividad en tu depósito aduanero

Stock and competitiveness at your customs warehouse

Whether you need the expert Logisber facilities to store and track your goods or you want to become your own customs warehouse, we’ll guide you throughout the process to optimize your imports and exports. Find out about the possibilities for permanency, the suspension of duties and taxes or the application of foreign trade policy measures that can have an impact on your shipments. We’ll guide you throughout the process to better control your inventory.

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