Experience in customs consulting

When you need to activate a customs process or a new foreign trade deal, relay on a personal advisor who can guide you through the logistics process for streamlined efficiency. At Logisber, we prepare custom customs reports to reduce your customs costs and inform you of any restrictions. We look for the best options for your international transport so it’s accessible and fast.

Manage your importation and exportation processes

Our customs consulting firm can provide you with all the necessary customs reports to facilitate your logistics procedures with support adapted to you.

Control impacts of customs laws

Find out about all international changes that may affect your goods and control your shipments so there are no surprises. More confidence, more trust for your transport.

Easily optimize your duty controls

As experts in customs consulting, we can advise you on customs laws and the implications in foreign trade to reduce your costs.

Track the details of your international transport

Connect to updates on your goods around the world with the customs support and advising you need at all times.

Do you need a customs report for your transport?

Increase the efficiency of your international imports and exports with customs consulting that reduces your logistics management costs.

Asesor personalizado firma
Planificación consultoría aduanera

Planning and guidance from your customs consulting firm

We can help you complete your international goods import and export logistics operations with expert customs consulting on customs reports for each type of shipment. We’ll advise you on the best type of customs operation for you based on your business and planned transport, thereby minimizing your expenses and increasing supply efficacy. Talk to us about your logistics needs.

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