Health registry for your goods

Imports and exports involving food transport, pharmaceutical logistics or any other type of goods logistics have specific conservation needs so they may be consumed. Being properly registered with the corresponding health registry (RGSEAA, AEMPS) is essential to correctly importing or exporting your goods. At Logisber, we can help you with the process to become registered.

Import and export without worries

With health registry certification, you’ll comply with the regulations and guarantee a complete procedure with your international shipments.

Enhance the protection and quality of your goods

Health registration verifies the optimal state of your goods and the quality thereof for trade, meaning the logistics processes will be safer.

Easily get through border controls

By using certification such as health registry, you’ll speed up the duty and customs control process by demonstrating compliance with the regulations in effect.

Guarantee your most sensitive products enter

Health registry gives you the confidence of being able to pass importation customs controls quickly, easily and safely.

How do you register your shipments with a health registry?

Talk to our expert customs consulting team about all the necessary procedures to become registered with the proper health registry and make secure shipments.

Envíos registro sanitario
Optimiza registro sanitario

Optimize your health registration for foreign trade

When it comes to any logistics activity that involves handling goods for consumption which may have an impact on consumers’ wellbeing and healthy, current registration with the corresponding health registry makes the difference between guaranteeing successful imports and exports and generating unexpected costs and customs incidents. At Logisber, we can help you process the necessary documentation to become registered with the health registry.

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