Flexible dangerous goods transport

Change the way in which you transport your dangerous goods with an expert process that optimizes and makes a profit out of your value chain. Chemicals. Pharmaceuticals. Active ingredients. Corrosion. At Logisber, we’ve been committed to the success of each transport for more than 15 years so that it meets your business goals most efficiently. That’s why we provide personalized operational techniques for your needs.

The best route for your dangerous goods transport

We reduce the risks and optimize dangerous goods transport with integrated solutions from customs consulting to end shipping controls.

Maximum safety for the entire logistics process

We design highly reliable dangerous goods transport chains backed by a number of international institutions such as the Chemical Distribution Institute (CDI).

Inspections and controls every step of the way.

We implement safety measures based on the packaging, packing and labeling for each type of dangerous good to increase the protection and safety of your shipments.

“For dangerous goods transport, we follow the most demanding safety and protection agreements. A guarantee certified by the Chemical Distribution Institute (CDI)”

Comprehensive dangerous goods transport

Our excellent facilities and global network of logistics and customs agents allow us to establish international agreements with the safest and most profitable routes for your dangerous goods transport. Based on the type and hazards, we select the most appropriate vehicles with ADR certification to travel with the utmost guarantees and trust. We manage the entire logistics process to align your goals with the results.

Transporte de mercancías peligrosas integral
Regulamos el transporte de mercancías peligrosas

We regulate dangerous goods transport

We are certified by the Chemical Distribution Institute (CDI), the IMDG Code for the maritime transport of dangerous goods, and the ADR Agreement for carriage of dangerous goods by road and are compliant with RID regulations for the carriage of dangerous goods by rail. We inspect, track and control all phases of the supply chain to ensure safe and reliable packing, shipping, loading and unloading.

Specialists in dangerous goods transport

Being able to rely on expert advising on customs and dangerous goods transport is crucial to minimizing risks, increasing profits and creating new opportunities. At Logisber, we can help you enhance your dangerous goods transport logistics operations from any part of the world so you can complete your projects with the greatest of control all while optimizing your resources. Boost your business now.

Especialistas en el transporte de mercancías peligrosas

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