Customs auditing to boost your trade

Do you need to improve your international logistics operations? Do you comply with the required customs laws? At Logisber, we can meet your needs through an audit of the main processes your company must control according to the World Customs Organization to ensure your international trade interactions. Tell us about your project, assess your performance and get an action plan adapted to your business.

Identify critical processes in your international trade

To enhance your operability, we analyse your customs and sales processes by monitoring your customs representatives, orders and traceability.

Assess the security of your business by optimizing the results

We control the security measures and control processes necessary to guarantee proper operations at your facilities and in your computing, production and logistics systems.

Easily streamline your customs processes

We optimize your customs paperwork and procedures to give you priority in customs processes and accompany you with expert guidance personalized for your business.

Test and train your specialist personnel

We investigate and evaluate your personnel’s skills for doing the tasks assigned based on your company’s needs and its projection.

Do you need customs advising for your business?

Get a better perspective on how your company operates and its international trade needs in a quick, efficient and optimized manner.

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Customs advising to enhance your business

Implement an action plan based on our customs advising that allows you to detect and correct labour aspects, better manage representatives and optimize the time it takes you to comply with the necessary legal obligations and regulations in the current market. Get maximum performance out of your international trade with complete customs advising adapted to you.

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