Your personal customs dispatch

To import and export, you need a customs dispatch office that verifies, facilitates and completes your customs dispatch operations. At Logisber, we’re specialists in these types of complex customs dispatch procedures and offer agile management to simplify your dealings by using our global network of specialists in customs procedures and processes.

Get advice from qualified sector professionals

Our expert team in customs dispatching will guide throughout the entire international exportation and importation process for your goods.

Take your goods around the world

Explore the different regulations and standards governing customs services in each country to boost your logistics chain with trustworthy, efficient processes.

Easily know your duty classification

Boost your shipments with proper duty classifications for your products to simplify your customs procedures with the utmost trust and confidence.

Verify and authorize your international sales

We process the necessary documentation so the various government agencies will authorize your goods and international sales without worry.

What customs formalities do you need?

Find out whether you need additional documentation for your customs dispatching and boost your international imports and exports.

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Reunión formalidades aduaneras

Precision and efficiency with your customs dispatching

Avoid incidents, delays and missing customs paperwork with your customs dispatching through optimal management that matches your needs. We’re a customs agent that specializes in submitting customs declarations, analyzing the different transport risks and providing you with the most adequate option through compliance and knowledge of customs procedures. It’s time to boost your supply chain.

Download our INCOTERMS table

Keep up to date with the latest INCOTERMS to maximize your international transports

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