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Strong international competition makes the logistics sector essential to any business strategy. To bring places closer. To transport goods. To go even further. At Logisber, we collaborate with small and large enterprises like yours to drive their success throughout the world. A comprehensive point of contact aimed at your needs based on innovation and excellence.


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Our mission: to meet your challenges to grow with you

New technologies. New challenges. In order to meet your transport needs, you have to have the industry’s leading logistics solutions, technologies and knowledge. At Logisber, we work with you to growth through exceptional services that creates value, reduces risks and optimizes your costs in goods transport. Integrated services with no limits and no borders that can expand your horizons with the utmost efficiency. Let’s get it moving together.

Our vision: solutions of value for your business

At Logisber, we want your results to be ours and we’ve been working with you to achieve this for more than 15 years. We’re your travel companion so we can offer you just the right agile freight forwarding solutions for each operation and movement. We respond to your needs based on exhaustive and comprehensive knowledge with a commitment to your business. A standard of quality and value that we seek to continuously improve.

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Our values: efficiency and commitment in each shipment

Our values are the cornerstone of the Logisber philosophy. Steadfastness, adaptability and ethics beyond service. The confidence of being a part of a company that speaks your language. Because the way in which we activate our movements in the world matters to us. In your world. Find the profitability you’re looking for in your business with a partner you can trust and can expand your horizons.

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“International trade requires on-time freight forwarding that guarantees service excellence. We’re here to make it possible”

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