A logistics company that’s open to the world

Logisber is a logistics and customs representation company that was founded in 2006 and is internationally accredited with the most demanding certificates. We’re experts in industrial sectors such as food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and project cargo. Moreover, as a leading logistics company, we offer waste management services for a sustainable economy so as to foster global recycling.

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More than just a logistics company

We are leading the change in the world of international transport with a multidisciplinary logistics company and our global network of specialized agents. We design and manage forwarding and customs activities from our offices in Barcelona, Sao Paulo, Madrid, Valencia and Casablanca. A logistics company that can also be yours today. Connect your talent to new opportunities.

Meet the team.

We connect people and ports

We are a leading logistics company with six offices around the world. From Sao
Paulo to Madrid, Casablanca to Barcelona. We are committed to quality,
experience and security for all types of projects and sectors. A commitment that
we have been fulfilling for more than 10 years.

Exclusive relations to boost your business based on your capabilities.

Expert knowledge for efficient decision making.

Continuous integrated tracking to ensure successful movements.

We unite businesses around the world so they can grow with us as a global logistics company that increases your relevance. We prepare solutions for ever more competitive markets through our top experts.

The logistics company that your business needs

Our logistics company goes beyond freight forwarders. We understand your business and we are involved in its growth with agile, fast and effective market responses. Because having the perfect product is not enough. Empower it with a network of services that is also your trusted partner. A logistics company to go further.

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Your most trusted logistics company

At Logisber we are continually updating and renewing our certificates and regulatory licenses to offer you safer and more reliable transport and customs procedures. We are your trusted logistics company with expert accreditations and certifications with the best freight forwarding services. These are our quality seals:

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