Become an Authorised Economic Operator

At Logisber, we simplify customs regulations and increase the protection and security of your goods through our certification as an expert economic operator that manages all the necessary customs procedures on your behalf for your transactions and trade. If you need to become an Authorised Economic Operator, we’ll help you complete the entire process to receive AEO authorization with personalized advising.

Reduce your physical and documental customs controls

Streamline customs procedures in each stage of the shipping process and minimize the number of inspections and controls to reduce costs and optimize your results.

Get priority and agile goods control

As an Authorised Economic Operator and experts in the customs agent sector, Logisber can prioritize your controls as necessary.

Become a trustworthy international operator

As an AEO, you’ll get preferential secure treatment with all aspects and processes involved with your international logistics chain.

Enjoy simplified customs processes for your shipments

We offer you integrated solutions to enjoy simplified customs procedures that will provide you with customs advantages in importation and exportation.

Why be or use the services of an Authorised Economic Operator?

By becoming an AEO or using our services, you’ll optimize your transport with expert assistance during inspections in addition to specialist maintenance.

Transporte operador económico autorizado
Operador económico autorizado

Rigor as an Authorised Economic Operator

At a time when international logistics is a driving force for the global economy, having certification that reduces the risks of transport and certifies secure processes is essential to trading with trust. At Logisber, we’re your expert Authorised Economic Operator for all your logistics and customs procedures, but we can also help you become one with AEO training, auditing and maintenance for your business.

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