Manage your international waste transport

The waste management sector doesn’t stop growing. The immense possibilities for generating energy, value and benefits have created new market opportunities that need international waste transport to get the goods anywhere on the map. We encourage comprehensive tracking of your international waste transfers to bring control, trust and confidence to each step in the logistics process.

A complete waste management process

Waste. Scrap. Recyclables. Organic and non-organic. Each product has specific transport needs. At Logisber, we meet them comprehensively.

Concentrate the value in your waste transport

Optimizing your resources boosts the growth of your business, making it stronger in competitive markets. We transport your waste flexibly, quickly and safely.

Activate your logistics service beyond transport

A misstep in your international waste transport involves significant economic and environmental losses. We can recommend the best option to prevent them.

“We collect, transport and create international transport strategies for waste anywhere on the map with sustainable environmental logistics”

Efficiency in international waste transport

We can rework your resource management strategy based on improvements and optimize your international waste transport. With a global network of experts, we offer integrated solutions based on your needs from waste inspections to the monitoring and control of customs formalities. We’re specialists in international waste transfers for all types of companies. Yours too.

Eficiencia en el transporte internacional de residuos
Potencia el transporte internacional de residuos

Boost your international waste transport

We create processes for all types of international waste transfers based on classifying your waste depending on the transport needs. We activate optimized logistics that reduces your shipping costs and streamlines the customs dispatch procedures. Increase your company’s value chain to profit from your international waste transport. Lead your category now.

Sustainability in international waste transport

Climate change is one of the greatest concerns around the world. At Logisber, we reduce environmental impact by promoting international waste transport that is responsible with nature, in line with international logistics policies and standards and adapted to your waste. Build the future of your business by working with the top experts in international waste transfers.

Sostenibilidad en el transporte de residuos

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