CE marking approval for importation

If you wish to trade in the European Union, you need CE marking approval for importation on all your goods quickly and securely. At Logisber, we can conduct a specialized study and offer personalized advice on certifications and labels for your shipments to properly introduce your products on an international scale. Streamline your customs performance now.

Identify opportunities and improvements in your customs processes

We analyse your products for customs classification and help you determine the origin of your goods for optimal results.

Get better traceability for your operations online

With our specialized reports, guarantee your traceability with the necessary requirements in the digital system to control your international operations.

Avoid customs incidents involved with your imports

At Logisber, we activate a customs incident control process to advise you and help you gain more economic feasibility in your international trade.

Verify and add value to your international imports

The professionals at Logisber can help you achieve efficient trade operations through valuable personalized expert advising services.

Analyse your international performance for importation

To import your goods successfully in Europe, you need to comply with European Union customs regulations. We help you streamline your procedures.

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Desempeño internacional en importación
Atención personalizada homologación marcado CE

CE marking approval for proper importation

Through Logisber specialist inspection services, we generate an action plan that identifies all the aspects to be corrected and improve in your customs and trade processes in addition to optimizing the monitoring of your business with personalized response plans. Any questions? Contact us and lead your sector.

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