Resolve your customs formalities

Activate all the necessary customs procedures and clearance to meet the logistics demands of international customs in less time and with better results. As experts in managing your customs formalities for you to streamline the processes and regularization of your goods, reduce costs on customs regimes and other additional expenses related to your customs procedures.

Optimize your customs logistics procedures

Our expert team of customs agents speeds up your customs operations to do and complete the customs formalities in as little time as possible.

Streamline duty classifications for your goods

Update the duty classifications for all your products and choose the best option for importing and exporting your international goods throughout the world.

Reduce your costs and risks on customs processes

Simplify customs declarations for accounting entries and complete your operations at international operator facilities to minimize expenditure.

Increase security and control for your shipments

To register with the declarant’s registry, we handle the necessary customs formalities to guarantee your shipments are secure and controlled.

Do you need your customs formalities managed?

At Logisber, we’re specialists in customs clearance around the world. We can manage the necessary documentation so you can go wherever you want.

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Gestión personalizada formalidades aduaneras
Despacho formalidades aduaneras

Documentation and compliance with customs formalities

International shipping requires customs paperwork such as a DUA to make imports and exports feasible and activate a goods declaration. At Logisber, we search for, adapt and handle all the necessary customs clearance to boost the value of your shipments, optimize your customs processes and facilitate tax and customs payments in different countries.

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