Maritime transport to go wherever you want

FCL, LCL, RO-RO and project cargo. We provide comprehensive maritime transport so your products can get anywhere. We offer secure, competitive and personalized solutions in logistics and maritime transport. An international network of agents who connect the dots through seas and oceans.

Save time with your maritime transport dispatches

When it comes to maritime transport with Logisber, you won’t have to choose between price and speed. We boast interconnected international logistics to get the best performance out of each shipment. Savings on management and time so your maritime transported goods are a success.

Global management of transoceanic shipments

Building bridges: We cover all destinations in the world with an international network.

More security, more competitiveness

We provide tools and analytics that guarantee successful maritime transport.

Custom options for each type of goods

We offer you a wide range of maritime operations.

Control your maritime transport each step of the way

When it comes to the supply chain, having the right data at just the right time makes the difference between shipping and efficient shipping. Make your movements profitable. Control each step of your freight forwarding shipments. Increase the safety of your investment in maritime transport with our specialized services.

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