A logistics consulting firm with a personal tone

We’re a team of experts in supply chain, international transport and customs committed to your future. We’re committed to innovation at each step with professionals in logistics consulting who share with you the new answers to market challenges. A group of people willing to accompany you whenever you need them with capabilities as unique as your projects. A proactive team that works with the latest technological and sustainable tools.

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Behind our logistics consulting firm is an expert team

Alex Espejo


I prefer making life’s journeys in the company of others: not only to go even further, but also to enjoy it even more. Humility, steadfastness and a desire to improve to meet our goals.

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Susana Mengual


Learning each and every day with all the new progress in the forwarding sector and giving you a solution is a challenge I’m always on the lookout for with commitment and dedication so as not to let any opportunity get away.

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Abraham Torres


Have you ever wondered how your products reach your customers? With a highly technical background, I help companies improve their global presence and operational costs. Would you like to have a chat?

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Alberto García


Passionate about logistics through with knowledge of business administration and management and international trade. I’m always convinced that you learn something new every day.

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Moanisse Bennasser


I started off in the world of logistics alongside a large French chain. Ever since then, my enthusiasm has led me to Asia and Morocco where I’ve been invigorating international transport.

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Mauricio Arnold


A passion for logistics and offering customers solutions. After so much time, it’s wonderful to be able to continue learning and growing in such a dynamic and changing sector.

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Pablo Bernabé


A professional in exportation and importation who specializes in the Chinese market, I have great interest and extensive experience in the sector thanks to my knowledge of international management.

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Christophe Barriyuso


I’ve always been passionate about the digital world and new technologies. I approach the sector with creativity, dynamism and professionalism, performing through my skills and experiences.

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Growing together

Growing together

We work as a team to handle multidisciplinary projects in which every single decision matters. A logistics consulting firm centred on people.

We think sustainable

We think sustainable

We foster environmentally-friendly development policies to surround ourselves with a healthy environment and enhanced social responsibility.

We drive your talent

We drive your talent

We value potential in our customers and our logistics consulting team and help them move forward. And we value yours too.

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“Being a part of the Logisber team means working for a logistics consulting firm that is concerned about people’s wellbeing, participating and developing from the most humanistic perspective.”

A logistics consulting firm that boosts your talent

We’re looking for talent. Find out where yours could fit in. Be a part of a logistics consulting firm that believes in your abilities and is committed to constant innovation at the hands of experts in international transport and customs. We’d like to meet you.

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A logistics consulting firm to talk about the future

From the very beginning, Logisber has seen freight forwarding and customs in a unique way with logistics consulting that goes beyond just service. Expert advising in international transport and customs through which we connect people as the key lever for moving forward with each project. Find out about everything our logistics consulting firm can do for you and join the change from a more efficient, humanistic and responsible perspective.

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