The chemical warehouse as a vital part of chemical logistics

Within the logistics chain there are some products that are sensitive because of their characteristics. These include chemical products, which must be treated, stored, handled, transported, and distributed according to safety standards to avoid problems of any kind. Chemicals cannot be stored just anywhere, nor should they be transported in a lorry or container that does not meet the specific conditions they required.

It is important that warehouses in the logistics sector that store or handle goods containing chemicals are secure and monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including temperature and humidity levels.

At Logisber we are experienced in this type of product and our team of qualified professionals keeps a close eye on every item that enters our warehouses throughout its stay. So, what characteristics should these types of chemical warehouses have?

  • Safety: Safety is the number one priority in a chemical warehouse. Strict safety measures must be implemented to protect people and the environment.
  • Correct labelling: Each product must be labelled in accordance with current regulations. This is essential so that warehouse employees know what goods they are transporting, storing, or handling.
  • Ideal location: Chemicals should be stored in cool, dry places, away from direct sunlight and with controlled humidity. Any cross-contamination should be avoided when handling chemicals.
  • Documentation and registration: The chemical warehouse is responsible for the documentation and registration of stored chemicals. Traceability is a very important aspect because it provides information on the status and situation of each item.
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How can chemicals be stored safely?

If you need to store chemical products properly and safely, Logisber can help. There is a wide variety of goods that must be stored safely such as sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid, ammonia, and organic solvents such as ethyl acetate, toluene, and methanol.

There are also other chemicals that society is more familiar with, such as alcohols, chemicals for cleaning and disinfecting, pesticides and herbicides for the agricultural industry, or chemicals such as additives and preservatives used in the food industry.

Contact us now and our team will inform you about all the processes you need to carry out in the logistics chain related to chemistry. Not only in the field of storage, but also in the transportation of dangerous goods.