Benefits of AEO companies

An Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) is an internationally recognized status that certifies companies as safe and reliable trading partners in the customs field. For institutions such as the World Customs Organization or the European Union, being an AEO entails a series of advantages and benefits that facilitate customs operations and promotes security and efficiency in international trade.


An AEO company must meet a series of criteria such as compliance with customs legislation and tax regulations, no criminal offenses related to the economic activity, proper record keeping, financial solvency and adequate security and protection measures.

The benefits of being an AEO company are reflected, among other things, in the passage of logistics operations through customs. How do these benefits materialize?

  • Easier access to customs simplifications
  • Less physical and document control related to safety and security
  • Receive prior notification if the company is selected for customs or physical control
  • Priority treatment if the company is selected for control
  • Possibility to choose a specific location for customs control
  • Be recognized as a secure trading partner
  • Guaranteed reduction of theft and loss of goods
  • Optimization of relations with governmental and customs authorities
  • Reduction of economic cost in supplier inspection
  • Mutual recognition with third countries
requisitos para ser operador economico autorizado oea

Requirements for becoming an authorized economic operator

To become an AEO, a series of requirements must be met, determined by the customs authority of each country, supranational region or institutions such as the European Commission or the World Customs Organization. Being an AEO or having the support of an organization that offers this service is really useful for small, medium, and large companies. Outsourcing Authorized Economic Operator status is extremely helpful for many companies trading internationally.

At Logisber we simplify customs regulations and strengthen the security of the goods of the companies that trust us through our certification as an Authorized Economic Operator. We manage the necessary customs administration for any type of transaction, offering personalized advice and also facilitating the process for obtaining AEO authorization.

If you want to have an AEO in your logistics operations, contact Logisber now and our team of professionals will tell you how you can benefit from our services.