What are conventional or break-bulk shipments?

In the field of freight transport, conventional or break-bulk shipping has been a widely used practice for decades. In contrast to shipments in which goods are loaded in standardized containers, break bulk shipping involves the individual handling of shipments, which are placed directly in the hold or on the deck of the ship.


This form of shipping offers a number of advantages that make it an option used by many companies for certain types of goods and trade routes.

  • Flexibility for loading: This type of shipment does not require specialized packaging or a specific cargo size or shape, which allows for the transport of bulky, heavy, or irregularly shaped objects. This is especially useful for sectors such as the construction industry, heavy machinery, industrial equipment, and project cargo, which are often not suited to standard containers.
  • Increased safety: In break bulk shipping, the individualized loading and unloading process allows for greater handling and safety in the transportation of products. Customization in the shipment of this conventional cargo.
  • Cost optimization: Although break bulk transportation may require longer handling and stowage time compared to containerized shipments, in certain cases it does offer economic benefits. By avoiding the need to purchase or rent containers, packaging and consolidation costs are significantly reduced.
  • Dedicated transport: This type of shipment allows partial loading of goods onto a ship. This avoids the need to wait for the means of transport’s full capacity to be filled before shipping the goods, which saves on time and resources.
Empresa de transporte que ofrece el servicio break bulk company transport

Transport company offering break bulk service

At Logisber we handle all types of shipments of goods nationally and internationally with professionalism, transparency and with a personalized service. Among our team of professionals, we have experts in conventional or break-bulk shipments.

In this way we can deliver goods or products that have extra weight or dimensions, such as wind blades for renewable energy parks, large vehicles such as yachts, ship propellers, steel beams, cranes, industrial machinery and other types of non-containerized cargo to anywhere in the world. Our Break Bulk department located at our head office in Bilbao works actively to offer this type of service and to convey the advantages of this type of service to our customers.

If you need to ship large products or units of heavy or bulky goods, contact Logisber now and we will inform you about our services, taking into account the importance of the necessary documentation for the shipment, the tariffs, the documents required by customs and the type of labeling.