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Logisber, your freight forwarders and customs agents in Bilbao

Bilbao, with its port at the forefront, is a logistical area in the north Atlantic peninsula that brings together an important volume of traffic and is a connection point between the Iberian Peninsula and Northern European countries. Our activities as freight forwarders and customs agents in Bilbao aim to contribute to making our clients’ logistics chains more flexible and secure, facilitating their internationalization.

Logisber, an international freight forwarding company, offers companies in the foreign trade sector a wide range of logistics services including sea, land, and air transport, as well as other customs activities. Logisber’s services are designed to adapt to Spanish companies’ exporting and importing requirements because we know that they need their operations to be fast, agile, efficient, and competitive.

For almost two decades, our objective has been and continues to be to facilitate international trade between Spain and many countries in the rest of the world. From its base in this city, Logisber offers its services as an international freight forwarder and customs agent and coordinates maritime, air and land transport operations. Improve your business profits with more flexible, personalized transport and the best routes adapted to your business objectives. Tell us about your project here.

Transitario y agente de aduanas Bilbao

Improve your international maritime transport from or to Bilbao.

Logisber has an office in Bilbao and we are therefore closely connected with its port, which is a central enclave in Atlantic Europe and is connected with the main ports, especially those in America and Northern Europe. It provides a range of services connecting it with 800 ports all over the world, and records more than 35 million tons of traffic annually, of which 21 million tons are liquid bulk, and around 600,000 TEUs.

As Bilbao is a port where goods leave and enter its area of influence, Logisber has different certifications that authorize it to provide this maritime activity, such as that of the Chemical Distribution Institute, CDI, which guarantees that our services for the maritime transport of products from the chemical industries are safe and of high quality.

At Logisber we are committed to tailoring our services and we adapt to the particularities of each cargo and the needs of each client. And it is precisely from Bilbao that we operate our Chartering or Conventional Freight division.

Through it, we offer alternative solutions to customers depending on the traffic and type of product. Break Bulk shipments for various shippers are becoming more and more common and, at Logisber Bilbao, we try to promote this type of traffic for goods linked to the iron and steel, machinery, and automotive sectors, among others.

What international air transport services do we offer in Bilbao?

At a national level, Logisber is very active in air shipments related to, for example, pharmaceutical logistics or the logistics for perishable products, whose industries require reliable services.

In terms of air freight, the main infrastructure is Bilbao Airport, which moves around 100,000 kilograms of goods every year. From here, Logisber can organize shipments that need the speed offered by airplanes and air transport.

As freight forwarders and customs agents with an office in Bilbao, we are accredited by the International Air Transport Association, IATA, and, as a distinctive and substantial element, we have the Good Distribution Practices, or GDP certificate for pharmaceutical products.

Find out about our wide range of land and multimodal transport options in Bilbao.

Bilbao and its area of influence have connections via intermodal rail services with logistics areas in Vitoria, Burgos, Madrid, Guadalajara, Sevilla, Zaragoza, Navarra, Barcelona, Castellón, Valencia and Murcia.

For land transport, by road or by rail, the Bilbao area is connected to most of the Iberian Peninsula. Its road infrastructure, especially highways, connect the Basque capital with the main Spanish cities and with Europe, with a border land point in France which is Irún. As for areas with logistics activities, Bilbao has a network of dry ports and multimodal platforms in the towns of Azuqueca, Coslada, Villafría, Júndiz, Plaza, Nonduermas, Tudela, Pancorbo and Arasur.

For this reason, the land transport services offered by Logisber are based on multimodal transport, using either trucks, because of their speed, or rail, because it is a much more sustainable mode of transport and contributes to reducing the carbon footprint of exporting and importing companies.

What logistics services do we offer in Bilbao? Find out which one is best for your goods.

Logisber Forwarding is a logistics operator, because we take care of designing, organizing, managing and coordinating global supply chains from origin to destination, always working hand in hand with our clients.

As freight forwarders and customs agents based in Bilbao, at Logisber we also offer companies a wide range of logistics services, such as order preparation and shipping, storage, and cargo handling, packing and packaging, inventory control and goods distribution.

Transitario y agente de aduanas Bilbao

Our experience in customs procedures in Bilbao: save time and money.

Bilbao is important customs center due to the volume of goods that move through its port. To provide a complete service to customers, Logisber, as well as a freight forwarding company, is a customs broker in Bilbao that handles any kind of customs procedures related to imports and exports. Logisber’s team of professionals is highly qualified to offer logistics solutions as freight forwarders and customs brokers in Bilbao.

Our main aim is to assist companies in complex customs procedures. That is why we take care of managing all the documents required in an import or export operation, the most important of which is customs clearance.

An important aspect for our customers is that Logisber is certified as an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO), an accreditation granted by the Tax Agency, which confirms that we are a reliable and trustworthy operator for customs operations, because we comply with the rules and regulations required in international trade.

In addition, our AEO status allows us to offer our clients certain advantages in the customs area, such as fewer physical and documentary controls at EU customs, priority treatment in the event of a customs control or inspection, the possibility of requesting that the inspection be carried out at a specific location, and more agile and fluid communications with the customs authorities.

Our experience means that we are familiar with the operation of the Customs and Excise Duties Department of the Tax Agency and, more specifically, of the Vizcaya Customs and Excise Duties Department, which has land, sea and air customs facilities and whose offices are mainly located in Bilbao. Logisber also provides all its clients with other customs consulting services, ranging from the choice of the most appropriate Incoterm for an import or export, be it by sea, land or air, to the correct tariff classification, payment of duties and taxes or fiscal representation. Would you like to know how we can help you? Get in contact with us here.

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