Land, air and sea transport for fruit and vegetables

Logistics is fundamental to the smooth running of the global economy, as it enables the exchange of goods and services across different regions of the world. Within freight, the transport of fruit and vegetables is of vital importance.

The food industry involved in the marketing of such products requires logistics that are efficient, fast, safe, and transparent. This ensures that the fruit and vegetables transported retain all their properties. In fact, there are various ways of exporting and importing this type of perishable goods.

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  • Land transport: This means of transport is suitable for short to medium distances and for transporting perishable goods that require controlled temperature and humidity. It could be defined as the fastest and most flexible type of transport. Its characteristics mean that fruit and vegetables can be transported by lorry, van, or rail to any destination, however remote it may be. It is very helpful when combined with sea or air transport.
  • Air transport: This type of transport is considered to be the fastest, due to the speed of cargo aircraft. It also allows almost complete global coverage thanks to its characteristics. For the transport of perishable food products such as fruit and vegetables, it is necessary for the products to be transported at a controlled temperature and humidity. It should be noted that exporting or importing goods by air is more costly in economic terms than other means of transport.
  • Maritime transport: The transportation of vegetables and fruit across seas and oceans – and in some cases rivers – is carried out on large container ships that allow large volumes of goods to be shipped. This is the best option for companies that export or import food in large quantities. To do this, it is necessary to ensure that the products travel in a container at the right temperature and humidity.

Compared to air or land transport, sea transport is slower and only allows goods to reach the coast of the destination country. After that, transportation by road or by train will be necessary for the fruit and vegetables to reach their final destination.

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Company for exporting and importing vegetables and fruit

Combining these three modes of transport is defined in the logistics sector as multimodal transport. This type of transport improves efficiency and takes advantage of the virtues offered by moving goods by land, sea, and air. It is essential to have a freight forwarder that manages the entire process in an optimal way to avoid losses, bad practice, delays, or deterioration of the products.

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We also work to achieve traceability throughout the logistics chain, which allows us to know the status of the goods in real time.

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