A company for transporting large volumes of new tires

The automotive industry is constantly evolving. Over the years, car and motorcycle brands have increased their efforts to promote sustainability and care for the environment by designing and manufacturing electric or hybrid vehicles. In fact, in many cases, this trend in favor of cars and motorcycles that do not generate high pollutant emissions is motivated by the policies of countries and regions that aim to reduce their carbon footprint and improve the air quality of their cities.

Although electric vehicles are on the rise, cars that run entirely on gasoline or diesel are also still being sold. In all cases, tires are essential for enabling cars to travel in our cities and over long distances all over the world.

Outsourcing has been implemented in many sectors, including automotive manufacturers. Several brands supply wheels and tires to all automotive companies. Often, the engine is manufactured in one country, the electrical chips are imported from Asia and the chassis is assembled with everything else in another country. Hence the importance of effective, safe, and fast logistics, so that there are no delays in delivery times.

Transportation plays an important role in the logistics chain that connects the tire manufacturer with the car and motorcycle companies. There are several ways to move a large volume of new tires from one point to another, either by container ship, cargo plane, rail or in a truck by road.

For a successful freight forwarding operation it is highly recommended to have the help of an experienced logistics operator such as Logisber. Our team is specialized in providing personalized assistance to companies with the movement of goods nationally and internationally. We take all the bureaucratic procedures into account, as well as the documentation required at customs, the payment of customs duties, product labeling and traceability so that the exporter knows where their goods are in real time, etc.

Characteristics of personalized tire transportation

At Logisber we make sure that tires do not suffer any type of deterioration due to pressure changes, sun or rain, adverse weather conditions or extreme temperatures. To do this, we carefully select the size of the truck or container the shipment will be sent in, taking into account the weight of the entire set of tires, as well as the size they will occupy.

We personalize the entire export and import process because each shipment has specific characteristics. A car tire is not the same size as a tire for the wheel of a truck or tractor. At Logisber we do not standardize the process because each customer is unique.

If you are a tire manufacturer or a company from the motor industry and you want to transport tires confidently and transparently, contact Logisber now to ensure safe and timely shipment to anywhere in the world.