How are chemicals transported?

One of the most sensitive types of transportation because of the type of materials being moved from one place to another is the transportation of chemical substances. Their potential toxicity to people and the environment means that this type of logistical operation, whether by land, air or sea, requires more care and attention than other types of shipments.

The transport of chemicals is classified depending on the chemical and the risk involved in inappropriate handling or an unintentional accident. There is a list of categories included in the IMO classification, including explosive substances, gases, flammable liquids and solids, organic peroxides, oxidizers and other substances.

At Logisber we are experts in the transportation of chemical products and substances. Our extensive experience in this type of logistics guarantees our customers that the goods are moved safely and in compliance with the regulations established and in force at local, regional and international level.

In addition, in general and for this type of transport in particular, it is essential to know how each chemical substance must be labelled, both for transit in special trucks by road, by train, or by container ship or aircraft. Another important aspect is to attach the necessary documentation to meet customs requirements in the case of international transport.

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Our company stores, distributes and transports chemical substances

Our team of professionals, in addition to transporting chemical products, also meets all the requirements for the storage and distribution of these materials, whether in liquid, solid or gaseous form. As well as being toxic, they may have other characteristics such as being corrosive, emitting harmful gases in contact with air, or being flammable or reactive.

Do you need to transport chemicals safely and are looking for a reliable company to handle it for you? Contact us now and we will answer all your questions, including those related to tariffs, price, type of vehicle, volume of substances that can be transported or the duration of the freight forwarding operation.