How can hazardous substances be transported?

highest standards of safety and care, is the transportation of hazardous substances. National governments and different international organisations such as the United Nations (UN) have established a series of requirements, regulations, parameters and recommendations that enable this type of material to be transported by land, sea and air without causing any harm to people or the environment.

What types of hazardous substances can be transported? There are different categories classified according to the material and the risk they may cause. All of them are integrated in the IMO classification or IMO Label.

  • Explosives: articles or substances which present a risk of explosion or fire
  • Gases: flammable, non-flammable and toxic gases
  • Flammable liquids
  • Flammable solid materials: which can spontaneously combust or which can emit flammable gases on contact with other material
  • Oxidising substances and organic peroxides
  • Toxic and infectious substances
  • Radioactive materials
  • Corrosive materials

In addition to all these categories, there are various other types of goods which are also dangerous if they are not handled by professionals. When transporting hazardous goods, it is wise to seek the advice and assistance of an experienced logistics operator such as Logisber. Our extensive expertise in this area ensures that the movement of these sensitive and hazardous products is efficient and sustainable.

transportation of dangerous substances by land air sea logisber

The importance of labelling for the transportation of hazardous substances

Labelling is essential in this type of freight forwarding operations. Labels must be placed on the cargo, on the products it contains and, if necessary, on the means of transport in which it is transported, e.g. a lorry transporting them by road.

The labelling system is standard and based on the classification of hazardous goods. The aim is to make products of this type easily recognisable from a distance by simply displaying the label and its colour code.

Do you need to transport hazardous goods or substances in or out of the country safely and avoid accidents caused by carelessness? Contact our team now and we will advise you on the entire process including all requirements such as packaging type, transportation method and careful handling of the goods.