How to improve the efficiency and profitability of trade operations through customs auditing

In any international freight forwarding operation or export/import process, customs clearance is one of the most important moments. Our products must be well packed and have all the documents required by the authorities attached to them, so that the goods reach their destination as efficiently and quickly as possible, without delays and with no additional costs. The best option for avoiding these incidents is to carry out an audit to help us evaluate compliance with all the criteria associated with the commercial operation.

But what is a customs audit? Customs and tax auditing is an essential process for companies involved in international trade. It consists of several key phases, the fundamental objectives of which are based on improving operability, ensuring security, streamlining customs processes and training personnel.


The first phase of this audit involves identifying the company’s critical international trade processes. This includes a detailed analysis of customs processes, as well as purchasing and sales procedures, paying special attention to the control of customs representatives, order tracking and traceability.

Subsequently, security is evaluated in all operations. This ranges from physical security measures at the facilities to the protection of information and computer systems, as well as production and logistics processes.

Empresa auditora de expediciones comerciales en aduana

Customs commercial shipment auditing company

At Logisber we specialize in all types of land, air and sea freight forwarding operations worldwide. We continually train our team of professional customs audit experts to keep up to date with the latest regulations, legislation, and developments in customs matters, such as those published by organizations such as the World Customs Organization.

If you export or import goods on a regular basis and want us to help you perform customs audits of your international trade shipments, contact Logisber now and we will advise you on the steps you need to take to optimize your logistics processes.