The best personalized customs consultancy for optimal import and export

International trade has a close relationship with customs. Complex regulations and changes in legislation that can affect the transit of goods are applied at customs. Personalized customs advice can make the difference between a successful freight forwarding operation or a complicated one.

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A customs consultancy provides expert guidance and assistance on all aspects of customs formalities, from documentation to logistical planning. What are the most important characteristics of this type of consultancy?

  • Comprehensive import and export management: The customs consultancy offers complete support for all processes related to the shipment of goods abroad and the reception of products from outside our country, guaranteeing a smooth and efficient logistics management.
  • Constant update on customs legislation: Thanks to the consultancy we will have control over changes in customs legislation at national and international level to avoid incidents and ensure regulatory compliance. The advice is up to date with the latest information, for example, from institutions such as the World Trade Organization or the World Customs Organization.
  • Optimization of tariff controls: Having customs advice helps us to reduce costs and maximize efficiency in customs control processes such as tax inspection or legal issues. The experience of the advisor we hire will help us avoid problems.
  • Detailed tracking of international shipments: Customs consultancy provides us with tools and support to monitor the progress of goods in real time, ensuring total visibility of operations. Digitalization and traceability are essential.
  • Efficiency and personalized planning: This helps to develop strategies adapted to the specific needs of each client, minimizing costs, and optimizing delivery times. Here, the preparation of exhaustive and specific reports on customs value and tariffs is relevant.
  • Professional support in logistics operations: Provides specialized assistance in the planning and execution of international, regional, and state logistics operations, ensuring smooth and efficient management.
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Logistics company that facilitates smooth customs clearance

At Logisber we specialize in advising companies on their transit through customs. Our professional experts in customs consultancy are working every day so that our clients have a high level of satisfaction in each and every one of the procedures of their exports or imports. Among other things, we help determine the origin of the merchandise in order to generate preferential agreements and avoid antidumping.

As well as being a customs broker, we are an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) and manage the logistics chain efficiently in relation to customs declarations and tariff classification. If you would like our advice on customs matters, contact Logisber now and we will tell you the steps to follow so that your goods do not suffer delays or incidents in international transport.