How to export to Nicaragua from Europe?

There are constant commercial transactions between Europe and Central America. Everyday thousands of goods are imported and exported to both sides of the Atlantic. One of the most common countries of export from Europe is Nicaragua.

Thanks to the 2013 agreement between the European Union and Central America, exports from the European continent to Nicaragua can be made by sea transport by container ship or by air transport in cargo planes. Additionally, road or rail transport will probably also be used in the first stages and at the end of the shipment.

It is necessary to consider different requirements such as documentation, customs and tariffs, standardization, certification and labeling of the shipment, or the conditions imposed by the Nicaraguan government for the importation of goods. For this reason, it is advisable to count on a logistics operator such as Logisber.

In Logisber we have extensive experience in exporting from any country in Europe to Central America and, specifically, to Nicaragua. We understand the Nicaraguan tariff regime and regulations for products imported from Europe, so we guarantee that the products sent reach their destination in the most effective and transparent way, and in the shortest time possible.

What products are exported from Europe to Nicaragua?

All European countries maintain trade relations with nations in the Americas. The products most imported by the Central American country from European countries are foodstuffs such as shrimp, lobster, oil, bananas, and cocoa. In addition, it is also common for European companies to export fuels, tobacco, beverages, vehicles, heavy machinery, non-perishable consumer goods, materials for industry and construction, and materials and products for agricultural use. Germany, Spain, France, Holland, Switzerland, Austria, Portugal, and the United Kingdom are just some of the countries that regularly trade with Nicaragua.

If you need to send goods from Europe to Nicaragua, we can help you in the whole logistics process. Contact us now and we will deliver your products to any city in Nicaragua, including the main cities: Managua, Leon, Tipitapa, Masaya, Ciudad Sandino, Chinandega, and Matagalpa, among others.