How to send medicine from Spain to the United States

The pharmaceutical industry innovates on a daily basis and is completely global. That is why it needs advanced logistics to ensure that storage, distribution, and transportation are optimal in order to reach all markets.

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The United States is a place where medicines are regularly exported from Europe and, in particular, from Spain. This implies compliance with rigorous regulations to ensure the integrity and quality of the products throughout the transportation process. What issues are important to consider in our B2B business?

  • Optimal conditions: One of the keys to success is guaranteeing the visibility from one extreme to the other in the pharmaceutical supply chain. This involves mapping optimized routes with controlled temperature conditions to preserve quality. The Good Distribution Practices (GDP), established by the European Medicines Agency, are fundamental in the regard, as they follow guidelines to minimize the risk of damage during transport.
  • Secure shipping: Safety validation and assurance are also relevant aspects in relation to the shipment of drugs to the United States. We must not only ensure GDPs but also an integral control of the transportation process to guarantee that the pharmaceutical products arrive in optimal temperature and humidity conditions to our North American destination.
  • Speed and quality: Although medicine can be transported by container ship, the fastest way is by cargo plane. In this regard, IATA-accredited operations will be extremely helpful to us, as they ensure that the highest standards of safety and quality are followed in the handling and transportation of pharmaceutical products.
  • Efficient customs clearance: Our merchandise must comply with all U.S. customs formalities. Attaching the documentation required by the U.S. FDA will help us avoid delays in delivery and ensure the smooth entry of medicines into the country. Having customs advice will give added value to the procedures.

Empresa logística especializada en industria farmacéutica

A logistics company specialized in the pharmaceutical industry

In our shipment of medicines for a company to market or distribute in the United States, it is important to mention the recommendations offered by the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products and the European Medicines Agency in planning and transportation. This advice, combined with the experience of a freight forwarder specialized in pharmaceutical logistics such as Logisber, helps to ensure safe and efficient transport, tailored to the specific needs of each customer in a personalized way.

If you run or manage a company in the pharmaceutical sector and you would like to export medicines to the United States from Spain in an efficient, traceable, and secure manner, contact Logisber now and the team will introduce you to our services to make your B2B logistics operation a success.