International transport: keys to success !

International transport, key to a successful startup

For a startup that starts selling abroad, it is essential to have good control of all international transport operations. The logistics services of collection, transport and delivery of the goods are the key to success for emerging companies. Any client, anywhere in the world, will have more confidence in the startup if the product they are buying arrives on time and under the agreed conditions.

The startup must know the customer well, not only to sell him the most suitable products, but also to offer him a logistic service totally adapted to his needs. The customer may ask for several shipments, all of them different and on different dates, and all of this must be complied with in order to maintain a good company image.

It may also be the case that the emerging company needs to provide itself with parts or components depending on the product it manufactures or produces for sale. The international transport operator will be critical in building an efficient supply chain.

The logistics operator is therefore critical to the success of international transport. Being an expert in this field, he can provide the startup with the essential information to make both its foreign trade and procurement operations smooth.

“The logistics operator is critical to the smooth running of a startup’s international transport operations.

At Logisber we specialise in international transport and can advise an emerging company on essential aspects such as which means of transport is the most suitable depending on the destination and delivery times. It is also important for a startup to have the certainty that its logistics operator will take care of other relevant aspects such as which packaging will be the most suitable to transport its products, how to group different shipments for different customers or how to design a supply chain that does not break stocks.

Transporte internacional startup

International startup mentality

According to ICEX data, 5% of Spanish small and medium-sized companies are internationally active. But from the accelerator Eatable Adventures indicate that in the case of startups this figure increases to 26%.

In the study on internationalization of Spanish startups in food, beverage, catering and technology applied to the sector that has made this company also shows that emerging companies are born with a more international mindset.

“Foreign markets are important for startups and their international sales are growing thanks to digital channels”

Therefore, foreign markets are beginning to be important for startups and a large part of their international sales are made through digital channels and e-commemrce platforms.

Selling through the Internet can be easy and fast, but giving an adequate logistic response to each order has its complexity. The cost of international transport and delivery times will be fundamental, both for the seller and the buyer.

Trust between entrepreneur and forwarding agent for the success of international transport

It is recommended that the emerging company establish a relationship of trust with its freight forwarder or transport operator. The startup and the logistics service provider should go hand in hand at all times to design the most appropriate logistics chains for any shipment or supply.

If the shipment is to be sent abroad, it is important that the operator knows as far in advance as possible the characteristics of the goods to be transported: type of products, quantity or number of units, volume, weight, etc. Likewise, the operator will need to know if the startup will require other services such as storage, packaging, labeling or consolidation/deconsolidation of goods.

“Entrepreneurs and freight forwarders must establish a relationship of trust based on the fulfilment of obligations and responsibilities”

The company must also indicate the place of collection of the consignment, the destination of the shipment and the delivery time agreed with the buyer so that the freight forwarder can determine which mode of international transport is the most appropriate. For example, if the shipment is urgent, air or truck transport will be the most appropriate, although the final decision will depend on the destination of the goods.

The country of destination of the goods in a foreign sale or collection in case it is a supply will also determine which documents will be necessary to complete the sale or purchase. The freight forwarder can take care of all the documentary and customs processing of the international transport operation and advise the company

For the success of an international transport it is essential that company and freight forwarder establish a collaborative relationship and constant communication. Both parties must comply with what has been negotiated and with their respective obligations and responsibilities, from providing all the necessary information to complying with the agreed forms of payment.


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