Recommendations in relation to the new RoHS and RII RAEE regulations

Companies and freight forwarders that carry out their professional activity in the logistics sector must always be aware of changes in regulations and legislation affecting the worldwide movement of goods. On January 16, 2023, according to Royal Decree 993/2022, the new RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and RII RAEE (Registro Integrado Industrial y Registro de Aparatos Eléctricos y Electrónicos) measures came into force.

This new regulation details the new supervision measures for hazardous substances and imported electrical equipment. It aims to comply with European regulations on hazardous substances and the waste directive. This is because many electrical and electronic devices include components and parts that, once disused, become hazardous waste that must be treated appropriately to avoid environmental impact and health problems for people.

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At the moment, no registration of the importer or its products is required, but customs agents recommend that importers whose products are electrical and electronic, use the DOCUCICE document repository to expedite their imports. This is an online space where information and documentation can be stored so that RoHS and WEEE officers can have it at their disposal for each import.

At Logisber, we recommend that importers register with DOCUCICE, as this could be a necessary requirement in the future. On the website of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism of the Spanish Government you can quickly check if an importer is registered. If not, the importer can register on this list by sending an e-mail request to DOCUCICE. Additionally, the Ministry has made it easy to check which products each importer has registered.

Tutorial logisber
Tutorial logisber

Safe transport of hazardous goods

Logisber advises all importers who have not yet registered to do so as soon as possible, to comply with this new regulation. Our team can also help you transport dangerous goods and electrical and electronic products safely and efficiently.