How does the new plastic tax affect international transport?

Today’s society is aware of the importance of caring for the environment and the planet. Encouraging practices and policies that promote this attitude is everyone’s responsibility and should be part of our daily routine, as well as that of governments at a local, national, and international level. Some countries, such as Spain, have implemented an environmental tax on plastic in favor of the circular economy.

This tax is levied on the manufacturing, import and intra-community acquisition of non-reusable packaging containing plastic. All this affects different sectors and has repercussions for international transport.

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The purpose of this tax is to encourage the use of reusable plastic packaging and to gradually eliminate the consumption of single-use packaging. According to Spanish Law 7/2022 of April 8, 2022, which came into force on January 1, 2023, “packaging is considered to be any product intended to provide the function of containing, protecting, handling, distributing and presenting goods, such as plastic cups or plastic packaging rolls, and to prevent breakage in the transport of products”.

This regulation covers all packaging elements such as boxes, containers, packaging tapes and films containing single-use plastic. As a result, any product made from this type of material is subject to this tax. For companies that transport their products and use plastic, it is vital to be aware of this regulation as they will face a tax rate of 45 euro cents per kilogram of non- reusable plastic. And all of this, together, will affect the final price of the product and the entire logistics process.

Empresa de transporte sostenible españa Sustainable freight company

Sustainable freight company

Some logistics and transportation companies are already betting on incorporating other alternative and more sustainable materials such as cardboard. The Spanish Tax Agency website provides a detailed explanation of this new excise tax on non-reusable plastic packaging.

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