12 resolutions for 12 months

The year is coming to an end, and at Logisber we never stop working to ensure that our clients’ transport commitments and expectations are met. At this time of year, many companies continue to import and export to meet demand across the globe.

Throughout our 16-year history, we have achieved exponential and unstoppable growth thanks to our team of qualified professionals. We have delivered more than 100,000 shipments to over 100 countries. And since the company was founded, more than a thousand companies have placed their trust in us.

In the new year, 2023, we at Logisber have twelve resolutions that we will implement each month to contribute to the improvement of people’s well- being and the preservation of the environment.

Here are our 12 resolutions for responsible growth:

  • January
    Reduce our carbon footprint
  • February
    Increase strategic alliances
  • March
    Facilitate tools for promoting internal projection
  • April
    Optimize internal work processes to make us more efficient
  • May
    Promote good health and physical exercise in our teams
  • June
    Increase our clients’ knowledge of logistics and transport
  • July
    Promote green logistics in the sector
  • August
    Facilitate the inclusion of vulnerable groups or those at risk of exclusion in society
  • September
    Investigate innovative mechanisms for reducing our carbon footprint
  • October
    Increase the digital awareness of teams
  • November
    Strengthen the links between team members and improve the working environment
  • December
    Improve customer relations and thank customers for their trust
doce propositos doce meses logisber

At Logisber, we are committed to sustainable growth and making a positive impact on society. Our work helps to weave a web between worlds and cultures.

Would you like to join our project and contribute to developing responsible logistics that respect society and people? Write to us at help@logisber.com.