Logisber opens an office in Bilbao to strengthen logistics and trade from northern Spain

As part of its aim to implement the commercial development of the north of Spain and to establish strong links with ports on the Cantabrian Sea, Logisber has opened a new office in the Basque Country. This new location in Bilbao reinforces the company’s presence in the Spanish territory and joins the other Logisber offices in Spain: Barcelona, Valencia, and Madrid. This will increase the company’s knowledge and services in the north of the country to help existing and future customers.

For decades, the port of Bilbao has stood out as the gateway for many national and international freight forwarding operations. According to Ane Arcelay, Business Development Manager of the Bilbao office, “it is an exciting and thrilling project which involves expanding and promoting the Logisber brand in the north of the country”.

sede logisber bilbao empresa transporte mar barco

At Logisber we offer sea, air, and land transport services. We are also an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) and have been operating as a Customs Agent since 2006. We hold the most demanding certifications and have a consolidated network of agents with a presence in more than 90 countries.

Our maritime transport service includes all types of conventional cargo shipments to international destinations, providing both Regular and Chartering services. We offer a personalized service based on each customer’s cargo and requirements.

Logisber provides services to companies that want to carry out “Break Bulk” or “Conventional Cargo” operations to transport non-containerized cargo, i.e., those with extra dimensions or weight, such as wind blades -to be installed in renewable energy generating facilities-, cranes, presses, machinery or iron and steel products for the industrial sector.

In recent years, Logisber has optimized the conditions and costs of this type of shipment, which has become a real alternative to containers due to the high cost of freight and the overbooking of exports and imports using this system.

It is well known that in the north of Spain there are a significant number of companies working in the industrial sector, particularly in metallurgy, construction, and energy. Logisber’s presence in this region will help companies in these sectors with “Break Bulk” and “Conventional Freight” transport.

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Logistics company for Conventional Cargo shipments

To provide specialized and personalized attention based on the type of goods and traffic requested, Logisber is committed to creating a chartering division. This will help optimize the cost of transport, as well as the management route for each customer, without neglecting cargo security and efficiency throughout the logistics chain.

“We rely on the knowledge and experience of our team to provide a personalized service to each client based on their needs. “We rely on the knowledge and experience of our team to provide a personalized service to each client based on their needs. In the current climate, it is key to adapt to the new era and offer customers logistics solutions that differ from those that have been the norm up to now,” Arcelay points out.

With this new office in Bilbao, Logisber will continue to offer its maritime transport services linked to air and land transport. In addition, it will strengthen its customs consultancy in the area so that companies from any sector can export and import products as quickly and effectively as possible.