How can agricultural machinery be transported safely?

The transport of large items is especially complex due to their size and characteristics. It is usually done by land, if it is within a country or across a continent, or by sea, if the transfer is from one country to another and it is necessary to cross the sea or the ocean.

The agricultural industry has large-scale machinery that needs to be renewed from time to time for better yields in the fields and in the crops, as well as to achieve greater sustainability and reduce the carbon footprint. Whether it is tractors, fertilizer spreaders, seeders, harvesters or a grain trailer, the fact is that entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector want to receive the machine or vehicle at their farm days or weeks after the sale. This forwarding operation needs to be safe, fast, efficient and as economical as possible.

The ideal option is to enlist the help of a logistics operator like Logisber. Our team of professionals is in charge of all the necessary paperwork and documentation so that the transportations complies with all the regulations in national or international territories, as well as paying special attention to labeling, tariffs and customs.

empresa para transportar maquinaria agricola por carretera en barco portacontenedores Logisber

Regulations for transport of heavy machinery

Whether the transport is for whole machinery or only parts, Logisber provides complete transparency so that the customer knows where they are and the status of the vehicle or products. Traceability is one of the characteristic aspects of any logistics operation carried out by Logisber.

Vehicles transporting heavy machinery by road must comply with regulations determined by the highway administration body in each country. The machine must be correctly fastened to the truck so that it does not move during transport. In addition, transporters must carry all the documentation for the cargo, determining its weight and size, and must be authorized to carry out this type of transportation.

If goods are being transported by sea, it is necessary to evaluate whether to ship them in pieces in a container ship or to send the whole machine. At Logisber, we advise you so that you are able to choose the most effective transfer for your needs.

Do you manage a company that manufactures agricultural machinery or are you an individual who has bought an agricultural vehicle and needs to transport it? Contact Logisber now and our professional staff will tell you all the characteristics of this type of machinery transport, including price, delivery times, insurance information, existing and current regulations and other requirements.