The logistics industry is ready to face Black Friday

Black Friday has retailers and consumers already immersed in the campaign, which in recent years has grown from a single Friday to several weeks.

Many purchases have their manufacturers and stock warehouses in continents other than the place from which the order is placed. For example, we find European users who buy products in from Asia or Americans who purchase products from stores that have their logistics and manufacturing facilities in Europe.

This means that the companies have to send the goods by air or sea transport in the first step, and once in the country of destination, they have to move them by road or rail freight forwarding.

Many retailers have increased the stock of multiple products taking into account this Black Friday and the upcoming Christmas campaign in order to provide an optimal service to their customers. This way, they avoid having to announce that an item in their online or physical store is out of stock.

Black Friday and transport logistics

There is currently uncertainty affecting the global transport of goods and the manufacture of electronic components and other supplies.

Customers, particularly e-commerce ones, have got used to receiving their purchases within a very short period, such as one to three days after payment. Freight forwarding operations need to be fully effective to meet today’s demand.

The best logistics company for ecommerce

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