How to prevent Christmas from hurting our imports and exports

Christmas is a season when there are many imports and exports of goods. It is a time when traffic by land, sea and air increases and intensifies due to the high number of purchases and the exponential request for products stored in stock. Companies in the retail sector are working at full capacity so that people can successfully complete their shopping in malls, physical stores and ecommerce stores.

Business have their schedules, but there are always last-minute orders, stock shortages, or other external circumstances that can delay shipments. It is always important that the logistics company has experience in the sector and does not create problems when exporting or importing our goods.

The Christmas holidays are not only celebrated on December 25th, but several weeks before and after. This is why consumers make a high volume of purchases from the end of November until mid-January. This is practically three months in which companies have to plan their exports and imports.

Logisber, your reliable freight forwarder for periods of high volume shipments

At Logisber, we have extensive knowledge of the logistics sector, supported by more than 100,000 forwarding operations carried out, 5,000 companies that trust us and 100 countries in which we work. Our values are constancy, adaptability and ethics beyond service. We also have to take into account that international exports need to meet the customs rules and regulations of each country to ensure the success of the shipments. At Logisber we facilitate customs formalities throughout the entire logistics process.

If you trust us, the high commercial movement of your imports and exports will not be a problem during Christmas season or at any other time of the year.