Necessary steps for exporting food products from Brazil

Brazil, as one of the leading players in global food production, has strong trade relations with several countries in the Americas, the European Union, Asia, Oceania, and Africa. These relationships are based on the export of a wide range of food products such as meat, tropical fruits, and coffee. Brazilian regulations for food exports are governed by strict sanitary and quality standards.


To export food from Brazil it is necessary to have, among other documentation, the Certificate of Free Sale for Food Exports (CVLEA) issued by the country’s health authorities. In addition, authorization from the Brazilian Federal Tax Service (Receita Federal) of the Ministry of Finance is also essential. It is also necessary to know the regulations of the destination country of the goods.

The following steps can be followed to start a commercial operation to export food products:

  • Register with SISCOMEX: this is the integrated foreign trade system and is administered by Receita Federal. On their website you can find out the mandatory requirements for exporting from any Brazilian city.
  • Prepare the necessary documentation: when exporting food from Brazil, you will need to include documents such as commercial invoices, certificates, delivery notes, phytosanitary and quality data, etc.
  • Do not neglect the correct labelling: together with the packaging of the goods, it is necessary that the products are well labelled according to international transport regulations. This will reduce waiting times in customs.
  • Select the type of transport: if the goods are travelling to a place many kilometers away from Brazil, it will be necessary to choose whether to transport the products by container ship or cargo plane. We have to decide on the basis of time and cost.

Knowing the regulations of the country or region of destination will make it easier to go through customs. In this sense, having a customs consultancy will be a good decision. At Logisber we help Brazilian companies to get their food to anywhere in the world, while being aware of the needs of food safety and refrigerated transport.

Alimentos mas exportados desde Brasil

Food products most exported from Brazil

Brazil is a major exporter of beef, chicken, soybeans, coffee, sugar and tropical fruits such as pineapple and mango, as well as other types of food. The main destinations include China for soybeans, the European Union for beef and coffee, and the United States for chicken.

If you want to start sending commercial shipments from Brazil in a personalized, traceable, efficient and fast way, contact Logisber now and our team will help you manage each and every one of the procedures to make your Brazilian food export business grow.