How to export from the European Union to the United Kingdom after Brexit?

In 2016 the British held a referendum which initiated the process of the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union (EU). This was named “Brexit” which is the acronym for ” Britain” and “Exit”. The British Isles ceased to be a member state of the EU on February 1, 2020, impacting political, trade and social relations. They are also no longer part of the Common Market. Until then, transport links had been seamless from the UK to other European countries and vice versa.

Exports from any EU country to the UK have also been affected. Since January 1, 2021, the Trade and Cooperation Agreement applies, which eliminates quotas and tariffs between the UK and the EU and establishes a “Level Playing Field”. It also ensures connectivity in the transport sector.

To carry out any type of export from an EU country to the UK, you must follow the guidelines set by HMRC, the British department responsible for the processing of all economic customs regimes. Each time goods arrive in the UK; a customs declaration is requested, and a physical inspection of the goods is carried out.

What can be exported to Great Britain?

To make the whole process smoother and more convenient, it is essential to have a logistics operator such as Logisber, which, among other tasks, specializes in exporting from the European Union to the United Kingdom.

How to export from the European Union to the United Kingdom after Brexit

Company for Transport from the European Union to the United Kingdom

Extensive knowledge of international transport ensures that we have a high success rate in all our operations. For land transport, we take care of the transfer through the English Channel, which connects France with England through a tunnel under the sea. If the freight forwarding operation is carried out by ship or plane, we guarantee the transfer to the most important British ports and airports.

Contact us if you need to ship goods of any kind from any EU country to the UK. We are also at your disposal if the European Union is a transit region and Great Britain is your final destination. With Logisber, transporting goods need not be a problem, even after Brexit.