How to export products from Spain to Uruguay?

The trade between Europe and America is constant. Everyday thousands of products and goods cross the Atlantic Ocean in both directions with a variety of destinations and points of origin. Two of the countries that carry out regular freight forwarding operations are Uruguay and Spain.

Goods are moved either by airfreight in an airplane or by sea freight by placing the products in a large container that sails on a cargo ship. Depending on the customer’s needs, one means of transport is chosen or the other, depending on the size of the goods. The type of container needed is calculated based on volume, measured in feet; and the time frame in which we need the goods to be exported from Spain to Uruguay is also considered. It is well known that the air transport is faster than sea transport.

Before starting an export we must know all the procedures, the correct labeling of the goods, the legal requirements, the existing tariff regimes and bear in mind that Uruguay is part of Mercosur. Upon arrival at the Uruguayan port or airport, our goods must also undergo customs control. To make sure that everything is in order, and we comply with Uruguayan legislation, it is ideal to have the help of an accredited logistics operator such as Logisber. Our extensive experience in exports from Spain to all countries in the Americas guarantees that any commercial shipment is carried out quickly, effectively, safely and without any setbacks.

The cities in Uruguay to which most exports are made from Spain are:

  • Montevideo
  • Salto
  • Paysandú
  • Rivera
  • Tacuarembó
  • Melo
  • Artigas
  • Mercedes
  • Minas
  • San Jose de Mayo
export from Spain to Uruguay importar desde uruguay

What is needed to import into Uruguay?

From Spain you can send many types of products to Uruguay such as oil and its derivatives, which are classified as dangerous goods, vehicles, chemical goods for agriculture, food and beverages, clothing and footwear, machinery, plastics, medicines and pharmaceuticals, among others.

Do you need to send goods and products to Uruguay from Spain or another EU country? At Logisber we can help you. Contact our team now and we will help you with all the procedures, times, prices and requirements to make your commercial shipments a complete success.