How to export and import from Extremadura

Extremadura is a Spanish autonomous community where goods and products of all kinds are exported and imported. The boom in the internationalization of logistics and the exponential volume of e-commerce have made this region of western Spain a major player on the international trade map.

In order to export and import with the Extremadura as an origin or destination, it is very important to know the legislation and regulations that affect the logistics sector. If we export from Extremadura to the rest of Spain or to other countries of the European Union, America, Asia, Africa or Oceania, it is essential to have an authorized freight forwarder.

At Logisber we work to guarantee success in the shipment and reception of goods in any area within Spain. To do so, we manage the road or train transport that connects Extremadura with the rest of Spain and with the neighboring country of Portugal, the air transport from a nearby airport or the sea transport in case the goods must be sent by ship or arrive to a Spanish or Portuguese port.

The most important areas and cities for importing and exporting in Extremadura are:

  • Cáceres
  • Badajoz
  • Mérida
  • Plasencia
  • Trujillo
  • Coria
  • Cuacos de Yuste
  • Guadalupe
  • Hervás
  • Valle del Jerte
  • Valle del Ambroz
  • La Vera

To bring products from outside Spain to the autonomous community of Extremadura you must take into account the Spanish regulations for the import of goods.

Exporting food cargo from Extremadura to other countries

Extremadura is an important region in terms of agriculture and livestock. From this area, raw materials linked to these two economic sectors such as paprika, tomatoes, cherries, cork, tobacco, rice, cheese, ham and meat are exported to other countries. To export products from Extremadura to other countries we recommend Logisber.

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