How to export from Europe to Panama?

Panama is one of the countries with the highest level of commercial traffic in the Americas. Its central location in the middle of the American continent as well as the artificial canal that allows maritime passage from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean and vice versa make this country a key place for international logistics.

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Europe, with its diversity of products and markets, looks to Panama as a reference point for its export operations, whether as a destination for goods or as a transit point to other nations in South, Central or North America. Before starting an air or sea freight forwarding operation between any European city and this place in Central America, it is important to take into account a series of steps.

  • Prepare the goods: It is necessary to have a buyer in Panama or to know the demand for European products in this place. The goods to be shipped must be well packed and have the correct labeling attached, following the current regulations, and including documentation such as the commercial invoice or the certificate of origin. If they are perishable products, maintaining the cold chain is essential.
  • Comply with customs requirements: It is necessary to make sure that the products to be exported comply with the regulations and quality standards required by the Panamanian Government. In order to do this, it will be very helpful to know the conditions determined by the Panamanian National Customs Authority, such as tax and duty declarations. There is a trade agreement between the European Union and Central America that defines requirements for exports and imports of goods between both markets.
  • Select the means of transport: It is important to assess the most appropriate shipping method from Europe, bearing in mind that the route across the Atlantic Ocean is a long way to travel. Whether by sea or air, factors such as the type of product, delivery time and economic cost must be considered. Air freight will generally be faster and more expensive than container ship transport.
Productos europeos mas exportados a Panama

The European products most exported to Panama

We live in a globalized world and thanks to the Internet it is easy to have a wide knowledge of the products that exist on the other side of the planet. Companies and consumers in Panama highly value European products and among the most exported to Panama from Europe we can find food and beverages, clothing, machinery, technological goods, medicines, vehicles and chemical products. The main cities most exported to are Panama City, Colon, and David, although the goods are then sent to all corners of the country.

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